# 8 - As long as there is
# 7 - Revisit
# 6 - Replace
# 5 - Not here / here
# 4 - Mountains
# 3 - Erase
# 2 - The importance
of the wilderness

# 1 - Browsing

reversed homesickness

This is a project that I set up for my graduation at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. It was part of the graduation show in july 2013

It started with a thought, it became a dream and now it's a part of me. Maybe you know the feeling; you are here, but you want to be there. A strange fascination for a certain place, the longing to go there.

For me, this longing started about 12 years ago. Why that place or where it came from, I do not know. But it quickly became something that influenced me in many ways. Even though, until two years ago, I had never actually been there. I was only there for three weeks, but it changed everything. After that, going there became an even deeper embedded desire within me. In many ways I try to find and create pieces of that place here. Especially of the things that I'm missing.

Because it is such a big influence on my daily life, I needed to do something with these findings and creations. Something that could be shared with others and hopefully trigger a longing in them as well. So I created an ongoing series of work. The outcome of the issues are different every time, it can be a booklet, poster or a print. Everything is made in an edition of 10. If you are interested in any of the issues you can contact me.

Hopefully, one of the future issues will be made from that place, instead of here.