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The importance of the wilderness

This is my thesis and here is a summary.

As long as there is wilderness, I know there is a larger part of myself that I can always visit, vast tracts of territory lying dormant, craving exploration and providing sanctity.
— Douglas Coupland Life after God

Questions I have been asking myself during the research for my thesis have been about finding the place where you belong. What is the place where you want to be? What do you need in your life? What is the effect of your surroundings? What do I think of the place where I am now? What is our generation like? Do I feel more connected to the generation before, the so called Generation X? These questions came mostly from my own feeling of wanting to be in a different place.

There is a place I dream about every night, every day. I have been for years now, even before I had ever been there. But now that I have, it has changed me. The vast territories, the mountains and forests are running through my veins. We have become one. Even now that I am back in this grey city with too many people in it. Maybe even because I am back, the longing has grown to be a part of me.
— Amber Liz Vork

This longing for a certain place has been the centre of my graduation project and research for this thesis. It took me a while to get to the core of it. After collecting material, reading books, watching documentaries, asking myself questions and writing short texts, I finally sat down and started to really write the thesis. That was when it hit me, all my sources, everything I had gathered and the answer to my questions, all led to the wilderness.

In my thesis I discuss the effect of the wilderness from different points of view. From Henry Thoreau, a philosopher, poet and writer from 1800. Who lived a self providing life for 2 years in a house he built himself in the middle of nature. From various people who have chosen the retract in the wilderness in order to heal, write music or simply to experience life in the wild. And also from the point of view of young Europeans who moved to Canada, all saying that the mountains, nature and the space is what keeps them there.

There are many different ways to get some wilderness in your life. The examples in my thesis show that sometimes you need it, that sometimes it's the only answer to your problems, that it can help you to find inspiration. Or that you move to a place where wilderness is close by and you find yourself to be happier. It doesn't really matter in what way you let it into your life. If you need it only for a certain period of time, that you need to live close by or that you just need to know that it's there and dream of it. Whichever you prefer; let it in and it will open you up. Finding there, things you never thought you had in you.


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